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We turn to you with a request for your prayer and financial support. We would like to evangelise other countries in the field of spiritual threats, as well. We would like to reach the readers of many countries with the subject matter of our website, especially readers in Russia, where a dire need exists for it. The subject matter of this website is very unpopular in other countries, or lacking whatsoever. Catholic websites on exorcisms in the Church are few, while websites promoting Satanism, fortune-telling, magic and New Age abound.

Planned initiatives

Our bank account details:

86 7999 9995 0651 8035 8904 0001


IBAN – PL86799999950651803589040001

Fundacja „Pomocnicy Krolowej Rozanca Swietego”

Address: Zbaszynska 19/4, 60-359 Poznan, Poland

Fundacja PKRŚ

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