I was in prison

We are really grateful for your massive response to our action “Novena for a prisoner”, announced in the 8th issue of “Queen of the Holy Rosary” quarterly. Thanks to the generous support of our donors (780,70 PLN inclusively) we managed to give out two big packages with books and articles about spirituality, including the Rosary Novena to Our Lady of Pompeii and copies of the “Queen of the Holy Rosary” quarterly, to two women prisons in Krzywaniec and Grudziądz.

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Prison action #2

Thanks to our generous donors we are continuing the “Novena for a prisoner” action. We organised two big packages of  spiritual, psychological and religious lectures for both women and men prisons in Poland. Details of this action will be found in “Królowa Różańca Świętego” (Queen of the Holy Rosary) quarterly. In the 9th issue you can find also an interview with a former inmate, who converted during his 24 years of conviction. As he describes:

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Our common success – Action “8 pages”

It is an overwhelming outcome! During only five days we have gathered enough to bring action “8 pages for the Queen of the Rosary” to life.

Let us remember, that we were gathering donations for additional 8 pages of testimonies for the quarterly “Queen of the Holy Rosary”, having the following in mind:

  • We wanted to reach with our testimonies those, who do not have Internet connection (mostly elderly Persons)
  • We wanted to have a powerful tool for evangelization and preaching of the Rosary – the testimonies, that are passed on from hands to hands.

We have gathered the money needed  for publication thanks to the donators! They names will be published in the next, spring issue of “Quenn of the Holy Rosary” in the 8-page appendix with testimonies. We ask you to pray in their intentions.

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Subscribers are the best donors!

The best way to maintain and develop the Queen of the Holy Rosary Quarterly is a subscription. It provides a certain and long-term perspective of cooperation on the reader-editors line. Thanks to the subscriptions we can plan our next edition and even the possibility to add some bonuses. So again, thanks to all subscribers, especially … Przeczytaj całość

“Krolowa Rozanca Swietego”

The first issue of “Krolowa Rozanca Swietego” (The Queen of the Holy Rosary Quarterly) was published in February 2012, and most of the copies has been distributed free of charge to readers of the websites www.pompejanska.rosemaria.pl and www.zywyrozaniec.pl and other individuals and institutions at the expense of the Founder. Thanks to the high interest of our readers the next … Przeczytaj całość

Rosary websites

The Internet website www.pompejanska.rosemaria.pl  was created in mid-2011 as a page informing about the Rosary prayer and Pompeian Novena, but quickly evolved into a blog which publishes primarily testimonies received from the worshippers of the Holy Rosary and Our Lady of Pompeii. Google Analytics reports about 668,389 unique hits and 1,909,585 page views, The number of visitors is … Przeczytaj całość

Exorcismus.org in figures

The Internet page www.exorcismus.org is a daughter-page of the Internet portal www.egzorcyzmy.katolik.pl. It was estabished in February 2009 due to similar reason: the scarcity of the spiritual aid materials in English, Russian and German languages. The page contains the major studien in English, German, Russian and partially French languages. Google Analytics reports about 668,389 unique hits and 1,909,585 … Przeczytaj całość

Egzorcyzmy.katolik.pl in figures

The Internet page www.egzorcyzmy.katolik.pl is an Internet portal created in November 2001, facing the growing threats of occultism and spiritualism in different forms and the absence of a reliable and complete information on the Internet about the release ministry and the exorcism rites in the Catholic Church, while the activity known as the “exorcism” of the laity grows even faster and stronger in activity.

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Mr. Robert from Poznan

Modern times do not save anyone. Also we, the editors of the „Queen of the Holy Rosary“ quarterly, are grappling with problems. Specific troublesome is the problem of unpaid debts. One of our debtor was unable to pay for the taken books or to give them back, because he has already sold them. The total amount of his debt was of consideragle height. Under the settlement he proposed taking individual copies of other Catholic books that he had in stock. We would have to sell them at our own risk, which placed us in a difficult situation…

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