Freedom granted by God – confessions of a prisoner

In the 9th issue of our quarterly you can find an interview with a criminal convicted for 24 years, who converted during his time in prison.

wolnosc-jaka-daje-bog_1When we were finished with the interview, Piotr showed me his notes, in which he depicted his life before and after his conversion. He said:

„I wrote this testimony in simple words, so that it could reach everyone”.

That’s when we decided to publish them in cooperation with Rosemaria publishing house, with evangelisation needs in mind. We especially encourage you to this purchase, as all of the profit goes to the programs and actions for prisoners.

The book “Wolność, jaką daje Bóg – wyznania więźnia” (Freedom granted by God – confessions of a prisoner) is already available in Polish  on the publisher’s website.

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