Articles of Association


The objectives and principles of the Foundation.

§ 6

The objectives of the Foundation are:

A. To raise awareness about the Holy Rosary and Pompeian Novena in Poland and abroad and to support all initiatives connected to the dissemination of the Rosary and Pompeian Novena.

B. To raise awareness about the dangers of the occult, spiritualism and occultism in all its forms and to promote and develop the the information media on the subject.

C. Charity and education, especially among the prisoners and their families.

§ 7

The Foundation pursues its objectives through:

A. Publishing of the “Queen of the Holy Rosary” quarterly.

B. Leading Internet portals related to the activities of the Foundation.

C. Publication and distribution of posters, leaflets, brochures, calendars, postcards, devotional items, and books, music CDs, computer programs and movies.

D. Organisation of formation meetings, pilgrimages and retreats.

E. Propagation of its objectives in the media.

F. Supporting works of charity, protection and education.

G. Cooperation with local government authorities, state entities and individuals, associations and other foundations.


§ 8

To achieve its goals, the Foundation can support the activities of individuals and institutions converge with its objectives.


Basic capital and incomes of the Foundation.


§ 9

The basic capital of the Foundation is built by the founding capital of PLN 2,000 (two thousand) and other property acquired by the Foundation in the course of its operation.

§ 10

The Foundation’s income may be derived in particular from:

A. donations, legacies,

B. subsidies and grants,

C. incomes from fund-raising and public events,

D. incomes from the property of the Foundation.

§ 11

A. Income from grants, subsidies, donations, inheritances and legacies can be used to achieve the objectives of the Foundation only with respect for the will of the heirs or donors.

B. In cases of adoption of donations and succession the statements required by law are made and filed by the Governing Board of the Foundation.

C. If the Foundation is to inherit a property, its board makes a declaration of acceptance of the inheritance with benefit of inventory.


Governing Board

§ 12 The Board of Directors is the supreme body of the Foundation.

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