Ongoing initiatives

The Foundation’s major initiatives include:

  • Królowa Różańca Świętego – czasopismo, różaniecQueen of the Holy Rosary Quarterly („Królowa Różańca Świętego”)

The Rosary magazine appearing since early 2012. Originally published by Rosemaria Publishing House and edited by the current members of the Foundation’s Board, now issued by the Foundation itself in cooperation with the publishing house as a technical subcontractor.

In principle, both the members of the editorial staff and the co-authors do not receive any remuneration for their work. The magazine’s expenses are maintained by subscription fees and small donations from the readers. Internet address:

Egzorcysta i egzorcyzmy…and its English, German, Russian and partially French version

Founded in 2002 the page is mainly intended for those seeking help after entanglement in various forms of occultism, spiritualism and other spiritual threats.

Since that time, it was visited by several million visitors, and more than ten thousand people signed up through it, seeking help or advice. This page is running on the non-profit terms. Financing of its initiatives (translations, leaflets) is possible because of small money collections conducted by our readers.

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