11 years of our prosocial actions in numbers

Very specific for our actions is the fact, that we have been engaged in prosocial activities long before the Foundation was created. The website www.egzorcyzmy.katolig.pl has existed since 11 years and its multilanguage version www.exorcismus.org since 5 years. The statistic show perfectly how much this site is needed…

During this time:

  • We have received 14,918 emails with help requests
  • …and we have replied to all of them in polish and other languages
  • There were 5 million visits of unique IP addresses
  • Our articles have been read about 20,000,000 times, what makes the average of 4,3 of 1275 our microsites

Almost 15.000 mails and replies speak for themselves.

Our work is unpaid, without any honoraria, insurance, benefits… We do it in our free time, not rarely jeopardizing our professional work. It is God’s miracle, that it all still manages to work somehow. But we still do have many needs, that are not to be omitted: first of all the monthly server subscription. Without help of our readers our websites won’t be able to function.

We are minimalizing the costs

Daily work on all our websites is based on voluntary service of only two persons. All we do, we do with our very hands, relying only on our abilities. We are working silently, without publicity, we are not publicity-seeking, for fame isn’t what we seek. Our main and only aim is to reach all those in need!

In 2013 we have gathered 3084,89 PLN. However, the costs of our actions exceeded 4800 PLN (servers, domains, software).

That’s why we ask you for even the smallest donation for our Foundation. You can learn how to do it through our website!

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