Our common success – Action “8 pages”

It is an overwhelming outcome! During only five days we have gathered enough to bring action “8 pages for the Queen of the Rosary” to life.

Let us remember, that we were gathering donations for additional 8 pages of testimonies for the quarterly “Queen of the Holy Rosary”, having the following in mind:

  • We wanted to reach with our testimonies those, who do not have Internet connection (mostly elderly Persons)
  • We wanted to have a powerful tool for evangelization and preaching of the Rosary – the testimonies, that are passed on from hands to hands.

We have gathered the money needed  for publication thanks to the donators! They names will be published in the next, spring issue of “Quenn of the Holy Rosary” in the 8-page appendix with testimonies. We ask you to pray in their intentions.

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