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The Internet page is an Internet portal created in November 2001, facing the growing threats of occultism and spiritualism in different forms and the absence of a reliable and complete information on the Internet about the release ministry and the exorcism rites in the Catholic Church, while the activity known as the “exorcism” of the laity grows even faster and stronger in activity.

  • Google Analytics statistics conducted since mid-2006 registered more than 1,719,808 unique visitors and 11,997,872 page views.
  • Since 2002, it was visited by over 3 million people, with the average daily visits at the level of 2000 people.
  • According to our research, 21% of visitors were looking for help for a loved one, and 35% for themselves, they are often situations where quick help from the Church is needed.
  • Only about one third of the visitors is guided by curiosity or looking for needed information. The website published more than 1200 texts: guides, articles, studies and other content.
  • Despite the fact that the website provides comprehensive assistanceinformation, many people write private messages to the website’s administration asking for a contact to an exorcist or tips or feedback on potential threats. From the beginning, we have received more than 13,000 letters. All received a reply.
  • The cost of conducted actions, posters, flyers and translations together with the technical maintenance costs (server, templates, etc.) amounted to approximately 12,000 PLN and were completely cleared.
  • The maintenance of the page is based on the principle of voluntary, unpaid editorial.

State as at July 24, 2013.

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