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The Internet page www.exorcismus.org is a daughter-page of the Internet portal www.egzorcyzmy.katolik.pl. It was estabished in February 2009 due to similar reason: the scarcity of the spiritual aid materials in English, Russian and German languages. The page contains the major studien in English, German, Russian and partially French languages.

  • Google Analytics reports about 668,389 unique hits and 1,909,585 page views, which is rather not large accomplishment considering its range of languages.
  • The average number of visitors is still growing, but getting through to the new persons in need requires increase in funding in order to establish foreign contacts, informative actions and regular research associates standing abroad.
  • Translation into foreign languages ​​absorbed about 80% of the collected budget of the page www.egzorcyzmy.katolik.pl, that is approximately 10,000 PLN.
  • Further development is limited by the costs of translation.
  • Despite the language barrier and the lack of external collaborators, we maintain regular flow of the correspondence and inquiries.

State as at July 24, 2013.

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