Rosary websites

The Internet website  was created in mid-2011 as a page informing about the Rosary prayer and Pompeian Novena, but quickly evolved into a blog which publishes primarily testimonies received from the worshippers of the Holy Rosary and Our Lady of Pompeii.

  • Google Analytics reports about 668,389 unique hits and 1,909,585 page views,
  • The number of visitors is growing – over 40% of visitors are new visitors,
  • The page contains more than 600 testimonies of healings, conversions and other favors and almost 6000 comments of the witnesses and worshippers.

From this page a new initiative was born:, a social network website with its own forum.

  • The number of unique hits is 78,000 with nearly half a million page views,
  • The website statistics continue to increase, average visiting time is very high.
  • An important step in its development was the change of the server, which eliminated some technological barriers and facilitated the use of the site.

nowenna pompejanska

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